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Monday, February 18th, 2019
Sharp’s RoBoHoN Is an Android Smartphone That Is Also a Cute Robot

Sharp’s RoBoHoN Is an Android Smartphone That Is Also a Cute Robot

by October 7, 2015 Android

Smartphones are becoming less interesting. The features that companies continue to add to their handsets – however exciting – are also becoming predictable. Japanese company Sharp is aware of it, which is why it has made a phone called RoBoHoN that, hold your drumsticks, is also a robot.

The RoBoHoN comes with a camera, a projector, a mic and an LCD screen which is incorporated on its back. It also comes with a facial and voice recognition system. Unlike toy robots that can only move back and forth, RoBoHoN offers many more capabilities.

That’s one part of it, the visible part. The RoBoHoN can also make phone calls. In fact, it would let you know when there’s a phone call. “Hey, there’s a call for you,” it notified in a demonstration. When you want to take the phone call, RoBoHoN quickly stretches it out to make it convenient to hold it.

It understands voice commands. You can ask it to place a phone call to someone and it would do that. It runs Android (what appears to be the Lollipop version, as seen in the embedded video below) and supports 3G and 4G LTE connectivity options.

The other part of the RoBoHoN is decidedly more exciting. It can walk, dance, and sit around like a pet and make its eyelids emit light. It can also take pictures for you, which you can browse on its LCD display.

The company says that it would launch RoBoHoN next year, and share more information about the gadget in the coming months.