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Thursday, March 14th, 2019
Nintendo Switch Will Not Play Wii U Discs and 3DS Cartridges

Nintendo Switch Will Not Play Wii U Discs and 3DS Cartridges

by October 23, 2016 News Updates
Nintendo Switch Will Not Play Wii U Discs and 3DS Cartridges: Nintendo

  • The Nintendo Switch may feature backwards compatibility digitally
  • There will be different bundles with various accessories for each region
  • There’s no confirmation if the device will play smartphone apps yet


With Nintendo revealing the Nintendo Switch console via a slick three minute video, more details about the console are slowly being made public. In conversation with Japanese website Famitsu and translated by Perfectly Nintendo, the company confirmed that you will not be able to play Wii U and 3DS games.


However the company was keen to state that this applies to physical copies of Wii U and 3DS titles. This could imply some form of backwards compatibility when the device is made available. Perhaps through it’s Virtual Console service. This makes the Nintendo Switch its first console not to support physical¬†backwards compatibility since the GameCube.

In addition to this, the company claims it is not the successor to the Wii U, which old-timers would remember is what was said when it replaced the Game Boy Advance with the Nintendo DS. Furthermore, it will ship in Japan with the main unit, the Dock, the Joy Con detachable controllers (Left and Right), and nothing else. As for other inclusions such as the Joy Grip and the Pro Controller, Nintendo will make these known closer to launch. Each region can expect different bundles.



On being asked if the Nintendo Switch can play smartphone games due to the presence of a Tegra chip, it said that it could not answer that question right now.

In terms of battery life Nintendo confirmed that it was designed for users to play as long as possible and “comfortably” even if there is no access to a power outlet. Specifics on battery life will be shared later.

With the Nintendo Switch due in March 2017, you’d think that every detail would be laid bare. But with the company playing its cards close to its chest, it’s makes us wonder how close to completion it really is.

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