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Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Mobile Phone Vs SIM Only Contracts

by June 16, 2017 Mobile Operator

Even with the technological gadgets becoming more affordable, mobile phones become more and more expensive. This is particularly popular with the smartphones. This, however, has started getting a replacement with the increased use of the SIM only and phone contract plans. A SIM only contract is a plan that covers a mobile service only. Payments are made for the SIM only. A phone contract is whereby one pays relatively high monthly expenses that includes the phone and the SIM. The sim only contract is generally better because of its low monthly expenses.

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The following is the discussion of a Phone vs Sim Only Contract:
A SIM only contract is generally cheaper. This is because the monthly expenses paid are only for the SIM services and do not include the phone prices. This contract however has high initial capital that will be required to fully purchase the phone. This is because it demands that the buyer purchase the phone outright. In a phone contract, the monthly expenses are very high indeed. They include both the SIM service expenses and the phone payments because at the time of acquiring the phone, a very little amount is paid for it. In comparison of the two contracts, SIM only contract is far better than the phone contract because after purchasing the outright, the buyer will be able to concentrate on other developmental projects rather than continuous high monthly payments like the case of phone contracts which stagnates the buyer.
A SIM only contract allows for freedom of choosing the time that you can change your allowance or the phone. This is because the contract is not binding in that, with the high initial capita, it allows the purchaser to sell the phone whenever he or she feels like it. With the phone contract, the purchaser is not allowed to tamper or even sell the phone because technically, the phone is not theirs. This is because of the low initial cash that was paid hence failing to transfer the ownership to him or her. In the case of Phone vs Sim Only Contract this variation renders the SIM only contract as the better one due to the freedom granted.
For SIM contracts, one can choose the network they like because the handset is unlocked. This freedom of choice is impacted by the fact that the purchaser paid reasonable amounts at the purchasing point. In phone contracts, the purchaser does not get freedom of using their network of choice. This is because the ownership of the handset is still with the seller and therefore the handset is usually locked. This clearly shows that the SIM only contract is far better than the phone contract because different people use different networks with different reasons that favor them.
In SIM contracts, the customer gets a pay as you go mobile plan. This is where the user only pays for what they use with each minute and text incurring its own charge. However, in a phone contract, this is not the case. The user pays for a lot more expenses that includes the phones price even two years after the contract was signed. SIM contract is better in that it allows the user to relax and enjoy the phones capabilities without a lot of pressure from the monthly payments.
Basically, in a Phone vs Sim Only Contract discussion, the SIM contract has many advantages than the phone contract. It is a cheaper plan and has less monthly financial pressure, because phone contracts requires continuous flow of funds from the user’s sources.

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