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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
Join a CSM Certification Course and become a Scrum Master!

Join a CSM Certification Course and become a Scrum Master!

by December 31, 2018 News Updates

In any Agile project, the role of the Scrum Master remains a very central and crucial one. It is the Scrum Master who mobilises the entire team and keeps a check on proceedings, ensuring that the Scrum Methodology is being used efficiently and productively. Familiarity with this dynamic methodology is something that needs to be acquired. Training should include comprehensive theory and practical scenarios. KnowledgeHut is a Registered Educational Provider of the Scrum Alliance, and its Certified Scrum Master course is a big step for those who want to build a career in Agile management. Learn more about this unique learning opportunity, the curriculum, and the takeaways.

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About the CSM Certification Course

The main aim of the CSM certification course is to provide the best platform so you can pass the exam at the end of the training. The exam is your ticket to a very important credential, and the course includes all the lessons and modules to help you pass it with ease.The CSM certification training begins with the basics. The trainer will touch upon the fundamentals like the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Foundations.As a Scrum Master, you will have to have a deep understanding of the different roles in the team. The lesson on Scrum Roles will delve deep into this topic, and it will also include the impact Scrum roles have on traditional roles.As the course progresses, you will learn about the different Scrum meetings, and there will be lessons on Scrum Artifacts. Towards the end of the training, participants will learn about the scaling of Scrum.

Benefits of the CSM Certification Course

The KnowledgeHut CSM certification program comes with a host of benefits.After completing the course and exam successfully, participants will have a skill set and knowledge base that is much sought after as companies adopt Agile all over the world.

The costs of the program will also include the fees for the certification exam. Participants will get 14 to 16 PDUs and SEUs after the course, corresponding to the number of hours spent on the training.The course also comes with an exclusive 2-year membership with the Scrum Alliance. Membership opens the doors to a world of resources and networking.Students will also have a very detailed set of study material which will be an important guide when they assume larger roles in their organisation.

Why KnowledgeHut?

The CSM certification course is ideal for a broad spectrum of professionals, from product owners and project managers to coders, developers, and team leads and members. KnowledgeHut is celebrated as a leading education provider across the globe, helping thousands of students and professionals acquire career-building qualifications and certifications.

The classroom training and corporate training options are designed for those with a tight schedule without compromising on the quality of the education. Trainers come with a lot of industry expertise and are certified by relevant professional organisations. The CSM certification might just be the catalyst you need to step up the ladder. Consider registering now.