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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
Signs of a Healthy Economy

Signs of a Healthy Economy

by April 12, 2019 News Updates

After the global recession a decade ago started to subside, people looked for signs that the economy was picking up again. Some of these signs are easily accessible and tangible and others are more ambiguous and difficult to pinpoint.  Look below at some of the ways that a healthy economy manifests itself in very visible and less obvious ways.

Construction Projects

The most visible sign of a healthy economy is consistent groundbreaking for building and renovations. Cranes pulling up office complexes, trucks leading the way towards a new gas station construction site, dirt lots transforming into paved streets, and abandoned river sides getting cleaned up with park trails are all signs of a burgeoning neighborhood.

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Consumption of Nonessentials

A second sector to watch closely would be the purchasing of big-ticket items that could be considered luxuries such as expensive cell phones, vacations to distant locations, and hobby equipment as another good sign of a healthy economy. These buying habits can show consumer confidence in their own financial straits and beliefs about their spending power.

Currency, Wages, and Growth

Many people find finances a more abstract way of thinking about the economy. Both the gross domestic product and the strength of a currency on the world stage can signal the strength of a country’s financial health. The stock market is also somewhat related, although it is a much more malleable factor than some others.

A robust economy is reflected in daily life. Whether the retail stores are processing more inventory, wages are increasing, or there are more first-time homebuyers getting approved for mortgages, the economy encompasses many aspects of life. As the world moves further away from the lowest parts of the recession and the global markets rebound, keep a close eye on these factors that signal the current strength of each city and country.